Leopard Solutions Launches New Blog Content and Current Legal News Feed



Nancy Zehner, Laura Leopard, Marjorie Grossberg

Leopard Solutions has launched the Leopard Law Blog and Leopard Hot Spot which provides fresh, current and relevant news for lawyers, law students and legal recruiters to use. The Leopard Law Blog is designed to educate professionals on hiring and employment issues and features expert guest writers from the legal recruitment industry, law firms, and some of the country’s top law schools. The Leopard Law Blog and Leopard Hot Spot are the latest additions to a wide range of tools designed to create a one-stop destination for lawyers and law students seeking legal labor market information and opportunities. Leopard Solutions also offers a free job site, a directory of legal recruiters, and a series of videos for lawyers and law students.

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The Leopard Chat video series now offers in-depth video interviews for lawyers and law students. The first set of interviews features Nancy Zehner of The Artemis Group, Marjorie Grossberg of Major Lindsay and Africa and Laura Leopard all offering valuable advice and suggestions to lawyers looking for new legal jobs in this competitive job market. They discuss employment issues in 5 different interviews, and each interview addresses a different topic or question specially designed for legal professionals who have been made redundant or are currently seeking legal employment.

About Leopard Solutions

Leopard Solutions is a comprehensive resource used by law firms, legal recruiters, and law schools to stay on top of the legal market. Leopard Solutions provides accurate and timely information about lawyers, jobs and law firms in a robust and user-friendly format.

Products include The Leopard List (a search engine for partners, advisers and associates in major US markets); Leopard Reporting (an overview of the legal landscape which is updated 4 times a year for a more real-time snapshot of the industry), Leopard Job Search (listing the employment needs of over 400 law firms across twice daily), Leopard Chat (video series featuring interviews with some of the industry’s most innovative and knowledgeable legal professionals), Leopard Blog (featuring original content for lawyers and law students ), Leopard Hot Spot (a daily legal news feed) and an exclusive FREE lawyer homepage (offering search tools, business and hiring solutions for law firms) making Leopard Solutions a unique resource for lawyers and law students.


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