Lighter side: the shock of the judge’s blog entry, “On being a dirty old man and how young female lawyers dress”



The S District judge and epic blogger published a shocking article titled “On Being a Dirty Old Man and How Young Women Lawyers Dress.”

In the entry, Judge Richard Kopf says men are both pigs and prudes, and seems to encourage female lawyers to dress more conservatively so as not to distract them.

“Quite frankly, I’ve been a dirty old man ever since I was a very young man,” he writes.

Kopf goes on to describe a “wonderfully talented and very pretty” lawyer who works in her neighborhood, listing a huge range of her professional attributes before also pointing out that she wears very short skirts and shows a lot of her generous bosom.

“I particularly like the last two attributes,” he says.

Obviously, the blog has been widely criticized. A local columnist put it simply, “Ewwww,” when a Nebraska district attorney seemed at a loss for words.

“Are you kidding me? He’s a federal judge.

Realizing the storm in a teacup that had been created by his impure daydreams, Kopf apologized, stating that he had touched “the third rail” by writing about women, clothing and court attire and that the reviews generated were perfectly fair.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Kopf also indicated that the blog was meant to be satirical.

“If, on the whole, you think the post was damaging to the image of federal justice and really treated women like objects, I’m very, very, very sorry, but I would ask you to pause and read it again. I hope you will find, after objective reflection, that the mockery I make of myself and the hyperbolic and somewhat biting tone I used made a point worth considering, ”a declared the judge.

Appointed by former President George HW Bush in 1992, Kopf started his blog a year ago and had gained an audience for his ideas on the US judicial process and his personal reflections.

A recent article discusses his cancer treatment for what he says is stage III Hodgkin lymphoma.



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