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BOSTON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – What are the role and net worth of companies in creating and managing inclusive cultures in the workplace? One of the motivations for building inclusive work cultures, research shows, is the increase in new thinking, ideas and innovation that come from different mindsets working together.

Another is the possibility of creating a work environment that is welcoming, encouraging and respectful of differences in ideology and origin. Fostering inclusive environments can also prevent employees from feeling isolated and marginalized, factors that sometimes contribute to extremist behavior.

In a recent Link
Global Leadership and Talent Development Company blog post, CEO Matt Norquist and Dalia Mogahed, research director for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and author, advisor and consultant on American Muslim affairs, discuss what business leaders gain from creating and sustaining diverse and inclusive cultures.

Norquist notes: “As a business leader, I think every day about my role in making a difference, creating a lasting impact and the factors in my environment that will ultimately contribute to our success. And I know from recent research by McKinsey
that diverse populations of people and teams operate at the highest levels of performance.

He adds: “The corporate society has more and more the opportunity and the power to influence the way in which corporate and societal cultures approach issues of diversity, difference and inclusion.

Mogahed brings valuable perspective from his role in the Obama administration as part of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships, as well as his TED address, “What do you think about when you look at me?, Countless appearances in popular programs, including The daily show, NBC News, and more, and as co-author of the book Who speaks for Islam? What a billion Muslims really think.

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