Linktree launches new NFT features for creators to explore


Linktree is launching a brand new NFT feature. The brand new NFT icon will allow content creators to make their NFT launches more accessible to their community and audience.

Linktree is popularly known by its users as the “Link in Bio” app which helps everyone on social media to have a platform to share links for many things, home items, supplies school books, blogs, models and many more.

Linktree NFT function

Linktree is popularly known by its users as the “Link in Bio” app which helps everyone on social media to have a platform to share links for many things.

Linktree is the latest company to announce plans to include NFTs in its service. The company recently unveiled a set of new features that will allow creatives to display their NFTs and “build a community around ownership.”

As reported by TechCrunch, Alex Zaccaria, CEO of Linktree, said, “It adds value by extending the core utility of NFTs – verified ownership, monetization, and community.”

Zaccaria added that his company will also provide creators who use Web3 with the growing number of tools they need to showcase their NFTs anywhere and launch unique incentives for members of their communities.

He added that the launch of this new feature will strengthen creators in the Web3 space.

Through the use of Linktree, this feature offers artists, musicians, and creatives the ability to simplify the process of sharing information. The company hopes this NFT feature will be used to allow creators to train their community and help artists with a safe and secure way of monetizing through NFTs.

It should come as no surprise that Linktree is considering integrating NFTs into its platform, given the recent advancements that have taken place. Although Linktree is not a social media platform like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Snap, the company “Link in Bio” has always been used in these platforms, which announced projects related to NFT cryptography of the metaverse.

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Linktree Features to Help Creators

People can mainly see Linktree links in their bios on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, and their owners urge users to click on them.

Linktree is a service that allows users to post multiple links on social media platforms; however, it was on Instagram that he first gained popularity.

This is because Instagram does not allow any users to post site links anywhere other than in their stories and in the “bio” area of ​​the profile page, which has a character limit due to strict Instagram requirements. Instagram in character.

Creators will be able to view their NFTs through the NFT Gallery button in Linktree. Then a URL of an OpenSea collection can be entered by creators to generate a preview. They also have the ability to connect their Metamask wallets to verify collection ownership.

Alternatively, creators can link their Metamask wallets and choose up to six NFTs to display on their Linktrees. This option is also offered to them. After that, users will be able to view and purchase available NFTs by clicking OpenSea.

After connecting their wallets, creators have the option to use their NFTs as the background image for their Linktree profiles as well as the profile picture itself. Profile images of NFTs that have been verified will be displayed in a hexagonal frame.

Backgrounds will have a verification badge at the bottom of the Linktree that their creators created. After that, users can click on Linktree to get additional information about the NFT. The company mentions that it powers verification with the help of OpenSea and Metamask.

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