Listen to Ville Valo’s new single “The Foreverlost”


Ville Valo shared another new song from his upcoming solo album, Black Neon.

Valo’s new song under the VV banner is dubbed “The Foreverlost” “yet another rowdy love song depicting slapstick butoh between two world-weary souls,” Valo said in a statement. “All my Carmina Buranas and ‘could have, should have’ rolled up in a cute little Gordian knot of the gothic variety.”

And, of course, the song sounds a lot like HIM, which makes sense with Valo behind the reins. Listen to the new song below.

In a recent interview with KerrangValo spoke about the lyrical inspiration behind the new album saying:

“I wouldn’t say it’s ‘suicidal’, but most of the stuff was written during the pandemic, and there wasn’t a lot of sunshine on me. Everyone was in the mental gutter. Times were tough. This album was kind of a lifeline for me. It gave me a reason to wake up every morning and work on something else and try to shut out the outside world. When I was working on the music, maybe it was selfish to a certain extent, but it was also about survival.

Ville Valo will release his first solo album, Black Neon, on January 13 via Heartagram Records. Pre-orders are available here.


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