macOS 12.3 release date, new features and bug fixes coming to Mac


Apple released macOS Monterey in macOS Monterey in October 2021, but development is not yet complete. The company continues to fix bugs and add new features, including some features that were announced in June 2021 but have not yet made it to the final release.

On January 27, 2021, Apple released the first macOS 12.3 beta alongside the first iOS 15.4 beta. The best news is that this beta finally supports Universal Control, indicating that Apple should be able to introduce this long-awaited feature soon.

macOS 12.3 release date

As for iOS 15.4, we predicted that it will not arrive until April 2022. This is based on the time Apple spent developing the iOS 14.5 beta in 2021.

Sure, we could see macOS 12.3 sooner than iOS 14.5, but it seems likely they’ll all arrive in tandem. An April launch therefore seems likely, but there’s a chance we could see the new features in March.

How to get macOS 12.3

Currently, the macOS 12.3 beta is only available to registered developers, Apple will likely make it available to public beta testers on January 28, or the following days.

If you want to join the Apple beta program to test the new software, read this: How to join the Apple beta program.

Always back up your device before installing new beta builds and use a device that is not your critical computer.

We explain how to download macOS beta and how to install macOS separately.

What’s in macOS 12.3?

After a rather boring macOS 12.2 update that consisted mostly of security fixes, macOS 12.3 looks set to bring a long-awaited feature that Apple announced for macOS 12, but hasn’t made it yet: Universal Control. . That’s not the only new feature though, as you’ll see if you read on.

Universal control

One of the most anticipated and still unavailable features is Universal Control, which will allow you to use the same mouse or trackpad to select your Mac’s screen, type on your Mac with the keyboard, and then select your iPad’s screen. with the same mouse and type there.

Apple originally announced that this feature would arrive in the fall, but then officially delayed Universal Control until spring 2022.

Now, it looks like Universal Control will finally make an appearance. It is present in the beta of macOS 12.3.

Not all Macs will be able to take advantage of this new feature when it arrives. Read: Some Monterey features don’t work on Intel Macs.

New emoji

New emoji are coming to macOS 12.3. These include a melting face, a waving face, biting lip, a pot, beans, x-rays and bubbles. The emojipedia blog presents a first look at these new emoji.

Login without password

In the beta version, you will find traces of Passkey Preview Technology. Basically, users will need a security key to log in with their username and password to the support pages running on the appropriate hardware.

The technology simplifies iCloud Keychain for the user. This means that instead of verifying themselves with Face ID or Touch ID to add the correct password to a website or service, the user logs in directly with their own key. Learn more about Apple’s plans to remove passwords.

Support for Dropbox and OneDrive

Apple is removing kernel extensions that were responsible for synchronizing Dropbox and OneDrive. It looks like Dropbox and Microsoft are testing a newer alternative for this.

New settings for screen recordings

Apple has provided a new interface for video conferencing programs. ScreenCaptureKit will give the user more control over the content viewers see during a video stream. The new software distinguishes shareable content by screen, program, and individual window from those programs.

AirPods updates through the Mac

Previously, if you wanted to keep your AirPods up to date, Apple’s headphones had to connect to an iPhone or iPad from time to time, as firmware updates were provided by the developer through iOS and iPadOS. Now it looks like it will be possible to update AirPod firmware through macOS 12.3.


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