Mess Esque at the 7th Street entrance, Minneapolis (June 09, 2022)


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Mess Esque

Australian duo Mess Esque (Mick Turner and Helen Franzmann) are on tour in support of their self-titled debut album (via Drag City). The tour will stop in Minneapolis on 7th Street on June 9. …

Zak Sally

Local artist (and former Low and Enemymine bassist) Zak Sally discussed the new book with Daniel Clowes. It wasn’t really about the book itself, more of a casual conversation about how he first met Clowes…

australian duo Mess Esque headlined 7th Street Entry on Thursday night, June 9.

The opening of the show was gold mining fieldthe new music/jazz/experimental project from the Duluth native musician/comedian Zak Sally (of The hand and formerly of Down). We first met Zak Sally as a comic book artist, in March 2016, when he featured and had a casual chat with the cult writer/artist Dan Clowes.

According to the recording notes, Gold Minefield features guitarist Ben Durrant, bassist JG Everest, baritone saxophonist Matty Harris, drummer Ryan Lovan and baritone guitarist Zak Sally.

Gold Minefield basically played a long song called “Gold Minefield”.

Mess Esque began life when Mick Turner and Helen Franzmann came together to create two albums, Dream #12 and their self-titled debut on Drag City.

Franzmann, when not in Mess Esque, creates music under the stage name McKiskobringing her quiet Joni Mitchell-esque to Mess Esque.

Meanwhile, Mick Turner is from dirty threewhich is famous for incorporating a dynamic sound into open/improv music.

The two brought their unique musical knowledge to create Mess Esque, a very shy and silent group, with a background sound and lyrics that are thoughts and dialogues.

Remaining tour dates:

6/10/22 The back room of the Colectivo Milwaukee WI
6/11/22 The Hideout Chicago IL*
06/13/22 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA

*with AZITA


Mess Esque

Mess Esque

Mess Esque

Mess Esque at the 7th Street entrance, Minneapolis (June 09, 2022)


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