Microsoft releases new features for Edge: “Best browser for gamers” | The truth


According to Microsoft, about half of the world’s population loves games. The tech giant recently launched new features for its Edge browser on Windows 11 and 10 and created a gaming homepage, which includes gaming news, live streams, Xbox content and access fast to Xbox Cloud Gaming. “We’re building a platform for the next 20 years that delivers the games gamers want on any device they want to play,” reads a blog post about the update. The update comes nearly two weeks after the tech giant shut down its oldest and once-dominant browser – Internet Explorer (IE).

An overview of the new features:

> A user can now access the game as soon as the browser is launched. “It’s personalized to your interests and designed to keep you connected to content that matters to you, such as news, game guides, live streams, game highlights, tournaments and upcoming games. and recently released,” the blog post read.

> Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Mahjong, Microsoft Jewel and Microsoft Edge Surf Game are some of the free casual and arcade games in the dedicated “Games” menu.

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> Clarity Boost is said to be a “Microsoft Edge-exclusive feature that enhances console gaming with Xbox Cloud Gaming”. An efficiency mode feature called “Microsoft Edge Efficiency Mode” will also be installed to improve gaming performance.

> The new version of Edge has Xbox-exclusive features where users will be able to log into their Xbox account and check “recently played” games, as well as upcoming releases.

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Meanwhile, as Microsoft has successfully established its Microsoft Edge browser, it still does not have a large market share. Currently, the Chrome browser dominates about 65% of the global browser market, followed by Apple’s Safari with 19%, according to internet analytics firm Statcounter, AP news agency reported.


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