Muse to release new song “Won’t Stand Down” next week


Muse is back with some new music!

The British rockers have announced that their new single, “Won’t Back Down”, will be released on Thursday, January 13th. Frontman Matt Bellamy previously teased the song during a live Instagram broadcast during the vacation where he and his son played a clip from his car stereo. And if you couldn’t guess from the sultry guitars and heart-wrenching screams, this seems like Muse’s heaviest offering yet.

Listen to it below. Pre-record the song here.

Last year, Muse released the remixed 20th anniversary edition of Origin of symmetry. Bellamy has also released a collection of dubbed solo recordings. Cryosleep for Record Store Day. Bellamy revealed to the Sun last year he started writing songs for a new album saying “I started writing a new Muse album. I started writing when all the protests and all the chaos started. It’s a strange thing to say but it suits the music I write. It keeps you a bit on your toes.

This year, Muse will headline the Isle of Wight Festival and the Tempelhof Sounds in Berlin.


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