My Jerusalem: A Cooperation Hub Blog entry number 1: From Athens to Jerusalem via Barack Obama



This is my first blog post with JP and I decided to start from the beginning: Athens, my hometown. It has been a long time since we moved to Jerusalem with my family, where I actively imagine and create the Jerusalem of my dreams: a model city that functions as a center of cooperation; promote exchanges and foster cooperation and communication between its different people and communities. And I remember here the expression coined by a dear friend who lived in Jerusalem for two years: “Jerusalem, the synopsis of the world”, to mean that it is here in Jerusalem that the different cultures and religions coexist in the world. same space and coexist in relative harmony side by side in the old city of Jerusalem and beyond its walls.

Back to Athens, my hometown, and cradle of Western civilization. Athens had a moment of official honor, a moment of global attention through the visit of Barak Obama and, above all, recent statements. Obama went to Athens after the announcement of the results of the American elections to make his American compatriots and all mankind understand this point: that he defends democracy and the rule of the people, and that today the world seems to be moving away from these values. , it is important that we globally realign ourselves with them and renew our commitment to democracy. Obama asks us to become active and alert citizens who can cooperate for the common good of mankind through democracy and the valuing of each other’s heritage, traditions and culture.
During his visit to the Parthenon, in the Acropolis of Athens built in honor of the goddess of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and practical reason, Obama makes the following statements: “It is here in Athens that so many of our ideas about democracy, our notions of citizenship, our notions of law have started to develop … and it is a very important role for the President of the United States to show the world that their culture, their traditions, their heritage, their monuments are something of value and are precious and that we have learned from them … it sends a signal to the whole world that we see ourselves as part of a larger humanity, a community of nations that can work together to solve problems and bring up the best in humanity. “
In the hope that Obama’s message has been received by all of us here, and in the hope that we here in Jerusalem internalize it and work to raise Jerusalem in its place of yeru-shalem; a prototype and paradigm of cooperation at its best, a city of peace, to serve as a model for the rest of the world.



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