Netflix is ​​planning special nostalgic features to celebrate the 25th anniversary


Monday, August 29 marks the 25th anniversary of Netflix’s incorporation as a company. Today it faces direct competition from some of the biggest and oldest brands in the entertainment industry, but it has its own history to celebrate, including its status as the first major streaming service. Netflix marked the occasion with a retrospective video and a few other blasts from the past.

Netflix started with a short video about its history, starting with its origin as a DVD messaging service. In the montage that followed, he touched on some highlights of the past two and a half decades, including groundbreaking productions and cultural moments — like the advent of the term “Netflix and chill.” In a press release on its website, Netflix promised more highlights like this to come throughout the day on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the company blog Tudum.

Fans were immediately amused. Many have posted photos of old DVDs they still have days of mailing from Netflix. Netflix’s official social media accounts have posted more throwback photos and videos along with some fun facts. For example, fans learned that the first DVD the company ever shipped was a copy of Beetlejuice on March 10, 1998, and the placeholder name for the company in the early days of its creation was “Kibble”. .

These types of posts have proven amusing to many regular Netflix users, especially those who have been on board for decades. Others were surprised by the company’s deep history, noting that a lot seems to have happened in a relatively short time. This remains one of the most remarkable things about Netflix – it’s managed to ride a wave of emerging technologies that have taken it beyond the old Hollywood studios and distributors that had been in the same industry for a century or so. more.

Today, Netflix is ​​just one of many, and most users would agree that it is no longer always on top. However, Netflix has acquired the resources and stature to compete with these older companies despite its youth. 2022 has been a tough year for the company so far, but it shows no signs of letting up in its increasingly crowded field.

As of this writing, Netflix is ​​available in the US for $9.99 per month, $15.49 per month, or $19.99 per month depending on the features you want to access. The company’s anniversary celebration on social media continues.


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