New Features Galore: Here’s Everything Twitch Announced Last Week


Twitch used the end of September to unload and unveil a slew of new features ahead of the platform’s annual convention, TwitchCon, this coming weekend.

While some tools are more important than others, it may have been difficult to process and keep track of everything that seemingly came out all at once, but there’s no need to worry.

In this article, you’ll find information on everything Twitch has announced on its multiple Twitter accounts and official blog. There were a handful of features introduced or moved into the pipeline, including Shoutouts, Chat Highlights, Chat Cues, Chat Activity, and most notably Elevated Chat.

Here are all the features released by Twitch in the past week.

Elevated Twitch Chat

Raised chat received the most attention of all the things Twitch posted in the past week, and it wasn’t necessarily for good reason. The feature allows viewers to pay money to have chat messages “elevated” and pinned to the top of a channel’s chat.

The time the message spends at the top of the chat depends on how much money the viewer has spent. Where the platform was criticized was in the details. Raised Cats pricing makes them a more expensive version of YouTube Super Cats.

It’s not too late for the feature to be used. It is still in an experimental phase with a limited number of streamers having access to it. The test will last four weeks and prices may change based on feedback.

chat activity

Chat Activity is a new tool that streamers can use in their stream summary. The graph syncs with a channel’s VODs and tracks the number of chat messages posted throughout the stream.

By clicking on parts of a feed that had particularly high or low message volume, creators can analyze what is engaging their chat and what is missing. This tool has been fully integrated, but due to the nature of the tool, it is only available if streamers have VODs enabled.

To yell

Another tool that streamers can start using is the Shoutout. This command allows streamers and moderators to give specific viewers some time in the spotlight.

If you have a friendly viewer you want to promote on your stream, you can give them a Shoutout to have their channel information prominently displayed in chat for a while. It also encourages viewers to follow the account that is shouted out.

The feature is one that can help improve and promote collaborative content between streamers. It was rolled out last week and creators should be able to use /shoutout now.

Chat Highlights

Chat Highlights was originally rolled out to select streamers last year to help creators notice newbies in their chat, and last week the tool was expanded to include more ways to help creators in their chat engagement.

Streamers can now customize what is highlighted in their chat. Whether it’s new chats, returning viewers, or whatever, there are plenty of ways to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to personalize the way you interact with spectators.

Talk Signals

Similar to Chat Highlights, Chat Cues are meant to help streamers get the most out of their viewers’ engagement. The feature uses viewership information to give streamers suggestions on when to tell viewers to do things like drop the channel.

Unlike Highlights, however, this feature is still in the experimental phase and is only available to a select number of creators. It starts with just a tracking signal, but the platform intends to expand on this as the experiment continues.


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