New features, widgets for Google Photos Memories



Google Photos has a feature called “Memories” which Google defines as “… collections of some of your best photos and videos, whether from past years or weeks.” Google often adds cool effects to these images and one of them is called Cinematic Effects. For example, you may see a slow zoom effect or a background panning effect that adds 3D to a 2D image.

Announced in a new blog post, Google is using its photo processing and memory learning capabilities and will use them to help fill in some missing background details that are lurking behind the subject. As Google says, “These fun creations use machine learning to produce 3D video of the moment, so you can experience your photos in a more vivid way.”
Google adds, “We are now improving cinematic photos to bring them to life in a new way. Machine learning fills in parts of the background behind the subject, allowing the virtual camera to move more freely as it finds the best framing to bring attention to your subject – much like a director for your photos. “

When you open the Google Photos app, the Memories carousel at the top of the photo grid makes it easy to select certain photos. But starting last week, Google added Event Memories that will show you images and videos taken or recorded during events such as “New Years Eve, Halloween, birthdays, graduation ceremonies and more. Moreover”. These images and videos can be renamed by the user or even deleted from the photo grid.

Not only can you view your memories on your phone using the Google Photo app, but you can also view them on your Nest Hub under the “Your Day” tab. Users can also use Google Photos controls to hide certain faces belonging to other people and pets. This reduces grid images, allowing the user to focus on the people, places and times they want to revisit.

While Google’s Memories widget for Android and iOS provides memories on users’ homescreens, a new People & Pets widget on Android will show users images of friends, relatives, dogs, cats, fish, etc. on the home screen. Tap the widget to access the Google Photos app.



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