New World Reviews New Slots and Sync Servers, Offers Territory Management Overhaul


On the heels of yesterday’s announcement that New World will be launching new starter servers on November 2, Amazon representatives have posted some helpful information on gaming forums. Notably :

  • All regions have at least one new server.
  • There’s at least one in every region and a third character slot so everyone can join without having to pick one of the new ones to drop.
  • Because players unhappy with Brimstone launching weeks away, Amazon says, were making the decision to ensure that players who choose to play on a new starting world have the best possible experience. We can do this by using Brimstone Sands foundation to make sure it is very strong.

The second most recent test will take place on November 2.

Meanwhile, last night the company published a development blog, offering its proposal to improve the management of the territory, in the hope of a better distribution of gold between cities and small towns and by inciting the players to help their city grow.

When players first arrived at the center of their first business, they sold a lot of resources primarily through the trading posts and then the territories they collected the money from. With the addition of technologies to more easily transport people’s items between cities, players mainly congregate in Everfall and Windsward to sell these resources, resulting in better income in these core territories. Since the inputs have been modified, it was now time to modify the outputs! We spent a lot of time researching the coins for certain territories and wanted to share them with you. We checked the total number of coins rewarded for the territory in the New World and found some universal patterns. The biggest draw of the coin is the fact that Windsward and Everfall are the most valuable territories to hold throughout the worlds. Here are some of our early thoughts on how territory management will be improved.

If the changes go all the way, the net result is that it’s a bit more profitable to hoard Windsward and a bit more worth keeping other areas, but some players say the new system is unfair and doesn’t create still no smaller territories. quite valuable. Good luck with this project; Amazon’s goal is to have the system ready before the launch of new open worlds, so before November 2.

Source: Official site, territory blog thank you, r00ch!


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