Niagara Launcher ‘Spring Update’ includes new organizational features


Replacing the home screen with a different app launcher is still an Android feature that Apple hasn’t duplicated, and there are plenty of different launchers to choose from. One of them is Niagara Launcher, which just released a major new beta update with new organization options and digital wellbeing features.

Niagara Launcher announced the new update with a blog post, saying, “We’ve dusted off some existing features and tweaked them to improve the launcher experience. This means that instead of focusing on a specific topic, this update consists of several tweaks and features throughout the app.


The launcher can now check apps you don’t use often and offer to hide them from the home screen. It’s probably a better idea to uninstall them entirely, but for apps that can’t be uninstalled (like system-level tools), the feature can be useful. Niagara Launcher now also displays your recently installed apps in a new dialog, so you can find them faster.

Niagara Launcher Favorites

There are also a few other organization-focused changes. Niagara Launcher can use Android’s Digital Wellbeing features to show you which apps are sending the most notifications, so you can turn off notifications (or uninstall them entirely) if you want. The developers plan to integrate more digital wellbeing features into Niagara Launcher “later this year”.

The update also features a host of other minor tweaks and bug fixes, like haptic vibration support in the alphabet scroll bar, improved font scaling, splash screens for apps (on devices with Android 12), a new start screen for the launcher itself, a dark mode fix for MIUI devices, a toggle for notification summary, support for more events calendar in launcher and other changes.

You can read all the changes on the source link below. Niagara Launcher is a free download from the Play Store, with an optional “Niagara Pro” tier containing additional features available as a subscription or one-time purchase. The Spring Update is still in beta.

Source: Niagara Launcher (medium)


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