Nicolina Bozzo wins the Hollywood Genre Challenge

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American Idol: Nicolina Bozzo Is Everything the Judges Want for Hollywood Week’s Genre Challenge

american idol viewers saw for the first time an 18-year-old from Toronto, Nicolina Bozzo at her Los Angeles audition singing She Used to Be Mine from the Broadway musical Waitress. ABC previewed the audition on hello america before the first episode. Sara Bareilleswho wrote and acted in Waitresswas so impressed with this performance that she shared it on her Instagram story.

After singing the song in front of the judges, Katy Perry noted how the performance told Nicolina’s “life story”. However, while viewers didn’t learn much about Nicolina during her audition, the show revealed more of her story when she took the stage for Monday night’s Hollywood Week Genre Challenge. (Read our recap)

Nicolina shares her heartbreaking story

Nicolina closed the episode as the final contender in Pop genre lines. She shared that growing up her family was close. But then her parents divorced five years ago, how much everything changed. Losing the close bond with her family was heartbreaking for her. She and her sisters now live with her grandparents. She participates in American Idol to show her siblings that dreams can come true.

For her Genre Challenge performance, Nicolina takes on Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted” which won the Grammy for Record of the Year in 2021. The dynamic she puts into her performances shows that she knows how to build a pop performance and keep the listener engaged. That’s huge for a competition like american idol. Small parts are just as pretty as big belt parts, and she sings with emotional intelligence and great control. After Nicolina reaches impressive glory marks, her comrades stand up and cheer.

Then, as she gets the song down, she breaks down in tears, but keeps it going until the last line. Even though the ending wasn’t vocally perfect, it had so much emotional punch. It was perhaps the best performance of the evening. Katy and her fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan also seemed impressed with her.

Nicolina moves on to the Duet Challenge

In the end, his entire line passes on, including Jacob Moran, Douglas Mills, and Danielle Clavell.

While Nicolina may not display the range of some of Idol’s powers in past seasons, she is a power in her own right. She should be fierce competition for other pop heavyweights like platinum ticket holder Kenedi Anderson. Nicolina is a vocal beast, the other contestants should be afraid to duet with her in the next round.

Watch Nicolina perform her original “I Didn’t Love You Anyway”

Bonus Clip: Nicolina recently released an original, “I Didn’t Like You Anyway.” It’s a track from his EP titled To move on which can be found on Spotify and other streaming platforms. She wrote the song, and it displays her current sound and great control with runs.


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? I didn’t love you anyway – Nicolina Bozzo


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