No helmets, no Mall Road entry from today


The Lahore City Traffic Police completely banned the entry of motorcyclists without helmets. Speaking to the media, Traffic Manager (CTO) Lahore, Dr Asjad Ahmed Malhi said no motorcyclist would be allowed on Mall Road without a helmet. “If there is a violation, there will be a heavy fine,” Malhi said. He further stated that this is a model stage and will be spread throughout the city in the next phase.

The CTO added that this new law will have 100% continuity and ensure its full implementation. Malhi reached Mall Road to launch the campaign today.

The traffic police have launched a number of projects and initiatives in the city to make the helmet indispensable. Over the years, more and more bikers are wearing a helmet. However, there are still a considerable number who do not. A few years ago, the police launched the “no helmet, no gas” project to encourage citizens to buy helmets.

The police initiated it under the guidance of the Lahore High Court (LHC). However, the Supreme Court overturned it and the ban was eventually lifted.

Traffic monitoring by drone

Last month, the traffic police started drone traffic monitoring in Lahore. Mall Road was once again the location for the experimental scene. According to media reports, the police monitor traffic jams, obstacles and other problems through a drone from a kilometer away. “It will increase traffic flow, and it would be great for citizens and the police,” traffic police SP Shahzad Khan told media.

Initially, two police teams monitored traffic by drones in different parts of the city. “We have had proper training on the use of drones by experts,” said one of the police officials, adding that we now know its hardware, software and flight time.

What do you think of the new road project without helmet or shopping mall in Lahore? Would it be a success? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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