Novak Djokovic was denied entry to Australia after his team applied for the wrong type of visa – he is now isolated in a room at the airport



Simon M Bruty. Getty Images.

Yesterday it was announced that Novak Djokovic had obtained a medical exemption which would allow him to play at the 2022 Australian Open. Although the tournament does impose the vaccine on its players and the country is 90% vaccinated as a whole , an unvaccinated Djokovic was going to be allowed to play. The news has pissed off a lot of people, especially Australians who have undergone strict pandemic containment for the past 2 years. It is very difficult for Australians to travel out of the country or between states, so seeing an unvaccinated guy like Djokovic waltz straight away because he’s rich and powerful was not at all beautiful.

Just as I was about to go to bed last night I saw this tweet which was sent as Djokovic was in the air en route to Australia.

When I woke up, Twitter was a madhouse.

However, on Wednesday evening it emerged that Djokovic was seeking to enter Australia on a work visa, which does not allow medical exemptions for non-vaccination and requires support from the Victorian government. A federal government source told The Age that there are also issues with the documentation required to prove the reason for Djokovic’s exemption, which is required for unvaccinated people. Djokovic is believed to be relying on the fact that he has Covid in the past six months, but the source said it was not clear whether that was enough to secure entry under federal guidelines. (The source)

Novak landed about 4 hours ago and has not been allowed to enter the country since that time. It appears that a member of his team actually applied for the wrong visa and this is preventing him from entering. In fact, you can’t make this shit up. The guy went all this way to get one of his guys to screw up the visa they asked for. I’m not even sure Office Manager Brett would have botched this one.

At this very moment, Djokovic is alone in a room at the airport… What’s going on?! ??! It’s almost 4am there. Couldn’t happen to a better guy …

At first glance it looks like a clerical error by his team that should be fixed, but maybe not? Maybe the Australian Border Patrol is locking in and saying he has covid in the past 6 months (the general consensus opinion for his medical exemption) is not enough to get in. I lead the border patrol had a few new recruits recently

Joking aside, I want to clarify something, like I did yesterday. None of these blogs I write attack Novak. He wants to be unvaccinated, so it’s his decision, no matter how stupid his reasoning may be. I am angry with Australia for giving them this exemption when virtually every other player on the tour has been given the vaccine to play. Those who have not are not allowed to play. As simple as that. If you make these rules the tournament rules, stick to them, don’t bend them because someone is chasing the all-time slam record and you want them beaten on your floor.

If I’m Djokovic, I’m PISSED. Livid. Mad. If I fly to Australia to have to take another flight home, I’m going to lose my mind. Do you know how long it’s on a plane? I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I wouldn’t be shocked if he went against his morals and got the shot just to avoid this nightmare.

I guess at the end of the day he’s allowed in once they get the right visa, but maybe the border patrol tells him to go fuck himself and try to play heroes ball for the rest of the country.

Anyway, I hope Novak has seen the terminal if he plans to stay overnight.



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