One of Battlefield 2042’s biggest selling features is gone


Breakthrough matches with 128 players will no longer be supported in Battlefield 2042, as developer Dice is reducing support for the mode due to the game’s low player count.

The 128-player Breakthrough playlist has been completely removed as part of the current Battlefield 2042 4.1 release. Players will be allowed to play the game mode in 64-player matches only and will need to upgrade to Conquest if they want participate in a 128-player battle.

Dice said the mode’s player count has been decreased in order to improve the core experience. The creator thinks the big crowded battles didn’t sustain the intensity and chaos of Breakthrough’s attack-defense action.

“Reducing our player count here helps remove some of the chaos from the experience, and in combination with the reductions we’ve made to the number of combat vehicles available, this means players are better able to hold front lines more effectively.

Elsewhere in the blog post, Dice revealed that the much-delayed Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 is “currently slated for an early June release.” He says he’ll be “back with a full preview and patch notes closer to release.”

“Players will also find more space to work together and fulfill their individual roles.”

Season 1 was initially delayed to give the game’s developers time to fix its lingering bugs and roll out several quality of life improvements. It has already added in-game voice chat and revamped the game’s dashboard in response to fan feedback.

Summary of news:

  • One of Battlefield 2042’s biggest selling features is gone
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