PUP goes corporate in new “Totally Fine” video


PUP shared their “cinematic masterpiece” “Totally Fine” from their upcoming album, HOW PUPTHEBAND WORKS.

The music video, directed by frequent collaborator Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, sees the band leaving music to become a business. They make tons of money until their embezzlement schemes are exposed to the public. But after frontman Stefan Babcock makes his case at the band’s trial, they return ready to tackle the next frontier: space.

Speaking about the song, frontman Stefan Babcock said:

“We wrote ‘Totally Fine’ after a long creative drought. We all agreed to take a break from PUP during the lockdown, take some time to take care of our mental health and have some space for each other. After 3 months without writing songs, ‘Totally Fine’ was the first thing to come out. It broke that creative barrage, just months of pent up frustration, all crushed into that one song. After that, we ended up tearing it up a bit and writing the rest of the record really quickly. The drums on this song always blow our minds. It’s so manic and wild and makes the song feel like it’s about to fall apart any moment, which is a bit like what it feels like in PUP.

Watch the video below.

“Totally Fine” follows previously released singles “Matilda” and “Robot Writes a Love Song”.

HOW PUPTHEBAND WORKS falls on April 1. Pre-orders are available here.


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