Ravi Kumar – The ‘Bahubali’ in the world of multi-genre book writers.


Ravi Kumar is an Indian writer who has made his mark in storytelling with his extraordinary sense of combining science, technology and mythology in an interesting way. Having published two books on his famous ‘BALA’ series, he is known as a ‘weaver of stories’ among his fans and readers.

Working professionally on weekdays and writing on weekends, he juggles between his profession and his hobby but always offers an interesting story to his audience.

“Why should we have one gender when our life is built with multi-gender themes.” he said frankly. His books cover many aspects of life with the core aspects being Indian space science, Indian mythology and history.

Raised in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, he completed his Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of Pune. Spent fifteen years in Pune during his early years of career and currently settled with his family in Bangalore. He works as a program manager in a large FinTech company.

As Bangalore is also a space science hub, he often passed by ISRO and the Liquid Propulsion Systems Center. It was then that he thought of writing a blog about the life of a space scientist. From his childhood, he was fascinated by Indian space sciences and Indian mythology. He believes there is a strong bond between them. When he read more about Indian space scientists; their life together, their struggle, he decided to make a story out of it. He strongly believes that there has never been a fight between humans, religions, ethnicity, caste, gender, etc., but there has always been a fight between good and evil.

The story of Balachandra Swamy (BALA) is so vast that he later realized that a blog would not do his story justice. Then he changed course and carved two beautiful books with the names,

BALA-The Immortal Indian Scientist’ and ‘BALA-The Mystery of Naga Shankara’.

It took him over eighteen months for the first part and sixteen months for the second part to complete. The story is based on factual and fictional scientific concepts combined with certain beliefs from Hindu mythology and cosmology.

“People like to read simple, romantic stories where they feel connected in some way. But we all know that our lives aren’t just love stories and there’s more to it. There’s hate, greed, compassion, struggle, pride, power, justice, thrill, mystery, drama, action, adventure, faith and miracle So we have to show the world what life is, he said revealing his thoughts.

‘Enough fabricated fiction, welcome to real fiction.’ He says sarcastically pointing to those who try to super fabricate stories in the name of fiction.

If you want to be part of this journey, click on the Amazon links below and get your copies now –

BALA The immortal Indian scientist

BALA The Mystery of Naga Shankara

He wanted to show the world what Indian space science and Indian mythology is all about. It can be connected through the channels below –

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