Red Bull has to pay significantly higher FIA entry fees compared to 2021


Red Bull Racing will have to pay nearly $1.5 million more in FIA entry fees for next season than in 2021, according to the list of entry fee amounts that has published. Mercedes, however, still has to pay the most.

Entry fee based on results

All teams taking part in the World Championship must pay the entry fees to the FIA. All teams pay a base fee of $556,509. On top of that, a fee of $6677 per point scored by the champion team and $5563 per point scored by the other teams. However, these amounts could be even higher since they are adjusted annually according to the US CPI index.

Red Bull and Ferrari pay significantly more

Mercedes will also pay the most entry fees for next season at $4,652,848. 50, a little more than in 2021. For Red Bull and Ferrari, the entry fee increases the most. Red Bull has to pay $1,428,908.50 more and for Ferrari it’s $2,356,139.50 more. For Aston Martin, Alpine and Haas, entry fees have actually gone down. They performed less last season than in 2020.

Team 2022 2021 Difference
mercedes $4,652,848.50 $4,482,898.00 $169,950.50
Red Bull $3,813,645.50 $2,384,737.00 $1,428,908.50
Ferrari $2,356,139.50 $1,314,829.00 $1,041,310.50
McLaren $2,086,334.00 $1,718,890.00 $367,444.00
Alpine $1,418,774.00 $1,599,379.00 -$180,605.00
Alpha Tauri $1,346,455.00 $1,178,245.00 $168,210.00
Aston Martin $984,860.00 $1,679,053.00 -$694,193.00
williams $695,584.00 $569,308.00 $126,276.00
Alfa Romeo $628,828.00 $614,836.00 $13,992.00
Haas $556,509.00 $586,381.00 -$29,872.0

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