Reddit CPO Pali Bhat shares platform upgrades and features for all of 2022


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In October 2021, the American discussion site Reddit hires its first product manager.

Of all the candidates at the time, company CEO Steve Huffman hired Pali Bhat, the former vice president of product management and design at Google Cloud.

Pali Bhat shares future plans on Reddit

Although Huffman had his reservations, Bhat proved to be a great addition to the team. He introduced the SUPER approach: Simple, Universal, Effective, Excellent and Relevant. This is what Reddit follows when deciding what feature to add to the platform.

There have been many improvements since Bhat’s hiring. According to Adweek, it introduced the Discover tab, which made it easier for Redditors to search for communities and topics. He added that the localization feature provides other languages ​​that users can select to better understand the platform.

Now, Bhat has shared a list of possible Reddit updates and improvements that will roll out by the end of 2022.

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In a blog post, Bhat explained why he decided to join Reddit. He praised how thoughtful and passionate the community is, and he also pointed out that it’s a platform where people engage in authentic and meaningful conversations.

Bhat said his mission is to ensure that the authentic and meaningful conversations that everyone loves on Reddit stay that way, as Fast Company reports.

The key pillars of Reddit

To achieve this, in 2020, Reddit’s product team is focused on empowering its users and communities.

Bhat revealed the five key pillars the Reddit team will be working with: Simple, Universal, Powerful, Great, and Relevant.

On the simplicity pillar, Bhat shared that Reddit will improve curation for communities and introduce new live spaces for live streams, sessions, and events. He also wants users to explore posts and recommendations faster.

On the universal pillar, Reddit is working to make the site available in more languages. Currently the site can be read in English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Reddit works with local teams so users can be connected to relevant local content, including pairing them with local moderators to help them create authentic experiences for their cultures.

On the performance pillar, Reddit has unified its mobile and web versions for easier navigation. This means that users of the web version will see the same functionality on the app version.

On the excellent pillar, Reddit will be working on its audio and will now allow moderators to add approved hosts to Reddit Talk sessions outside of communities.

The company is also working to expand the site’s chat functionality, including partnering with moderators hosting live chat messages within communities. This can help reduce buffering time and improve video caching.

On the relevant pillar, Reddit wants to ensure that what its users see on the platform is based on their interests. The company will use AI for the realization of this plan.

According to Tech Crunch, Bhat wants users to be able to go to Reddit and vote on content they want to see and vote on comments they find relevant to their queries.

Machine learning will also be added to assess the relevance of an article and block any harmful content.

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