Revolut Adds More Features to Its Fintech App to Improve User Experience (UX)


The digital banking team Revolution recently wished everyone a Happy Halloween.

RevolutionThe management of s wrote in a blog post that the new products for October are the “best gift you will have this year”.

Boo! -Ka stay and earn instant cashback

Revolution Remarks that if you’re dreaming about your next vacation, UK and EEA customers should know that they can book stays in the app and earn “at least 7.5% instant cashback on every booking”. Fintech says it offers competitive rates in quality accommodation around the world and “won’t charge you any booking fees.”

Break down net worth in more detail

As stated in the Revolut update:

“Want to learn more about your assets and where they are? No problem, you can now get a detailed breakdown of your assets and liabilities by type. Just head over to your Net Worth Widget and tap a section to see more.

Send funds internationally much faster and in more currencies

As mentioned in the Revolut update:

“You can now make transfers in two new currencies: the Serbian dinar and the Vietnamese dong. And you can send Turkish Lira faster than before with no middle fees. Plus, you can now send PHP to the Philippines in under an hour.

Perform quick calculations for payments with Fintech company’s built-in calculator

Revolut further revealed:

“We’ve added a handy new calculator to our in-app payment screen. It appears when you enter the amount you want to send. So when you need to pay someone for dinner minus drinks plus these tickets but split between 3 you can solve it in seconds.

Activate offline rewards only once per offer

As stated in the update, there is “nothing worse than running out of cashback (other than being the only one wearing disguises at work)”. This is why you “no longer need to re-activate offline rewards after using them, they will remain active for the entire promotion period,” the announcement revealed.

Add notes, GIFs for kids on Junior

When you send funds or withdraw funds from your child’s Junior account, you can now add a note or GIF for them to see in the app. Not only is it “super useful in helping them manage their money, but they might even think you’re cool if you use the right GIF,” the Revolut team noted.


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