Soldat Hans’ “Anthaupt” Defies Gender (Full Album Stream)


I hesitate to call Private Hans post-metal, or any genre, strictly speaking. The ambitious Swiss band agrees, choosing to call themselves something quite different: “downtempo folk doom metal”. The genre is a tough game to play, and many choose individual paths to perfect whatever genre they choose, but Soldat Hans takes more of a “shotgun approach”, often playing multiple styles of music at any given time. Upcoming album Anthaupt, for example, draws heavily from a wide pool of influences, ranging from cinematic post-rock and alt-country to ambient music, pop, blues and neo black jazz, all layered on a metallic base more heavy and atmospheric. On Anthauptthe listener is taken on a far different journey than either Is tense or General repetition in that the extremes to which Soldat Hans is willing to go are that much further in either direction on the dynamic scale. Opening with a folk-tinged post-rock song, it’s the opening blast of the album’s self-titled track that shows a new Soldat Hans, one that deals with apocalyptic dynamics, and when the blues vocals arrive ? Genius. To listen Anthaupt in its entirety before its release below.

Anthaupt out April 22 on Wolves and Vibrancy Records alongside a reissue of General repetition.


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