Spain’s entry into Eurovision has sparked a debate over a new vote.


This year’s Eurovision Song Contest kicks off in Turin, Italy, tomorrow night, and the UK are hoping to end their long losing streak. The UK is represented by TikTok sensation Sam Ryder, who hopes his song SPACEMAN will have a significant impact across Europe. A singer and a guitarist from the United States are expected to win the tournament after runners-up Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine. There is no doubt that whoever emerges victorious in today’s final vote will be welcomed with open arms in their own country.

Spanish entry Chanel Terrero is less likely to be supported by her country than other artists in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).

The singer, dancer and actress performed the reggaeton-influenced song “SlowMo” earlier this year. An alleged electoral dispute has surrounded the musician Eurovision appointment in 1991, who was born in Havana, the Cuban capital.

Spanish Eurovision hopeful Chanel was selected by RTVE’s Benidorm Fest song contest at the end of January after taking part in the public network’s annual competition. Despite their popularity, Tanxugueiras and Rigoberta Bandini were beaten by the singer.

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Spain Eurovision 2022 Controversy:

Spain Eurovision 2022 Controversy

In the northwest region of Spain, Galician is spoken and the Tanxugueiras have been widely praised for their ability to sing in Galician.

Song critics dubbed the popular Bandini song “Ay Mama“a hymn to the chest”.

When choosing Spain’s participation in the World Cup, many people had doubts about the selection process and the way the results were published.

Antón Gómez Reino, the spokesman for the Galician section of Podemos, called for a “total openness” on Spanish broadcaster RTVE.

There are people who don’t feel represented by this decision, and a public body has an obligation to address their concerns, he said.


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