Spotify expands charts to include genre and local categories


Spotify has launched a new Destination Charts website that includes new Genre and Local charters, in addition to data and tools to give artists and listeners more information about releases.

Available to all Spotify for Artists creators and Spotify listeners around the world, according to the announcement, “We’ve created this destination for artists and fans to dig deep into all the data and see what music moves the world’s listeners. whole.”

New features include:

Genre tables: Each week, Spotify’s charts generate the top 200 songs across 17 genres, categorizing songs based on the context of user playlists and editorial comments.

Artists’ paintings: Artist charts reflect peaks, based on feeds from their entire catalog. Every Friday, the top 200 artists are updated around the world and in the 65 major markets.

City and local pulse graphics: Spotify’s city charts harnesses popular music among listeners in over 200 major cities. Local Pulse Charts examine the popularity of each track among listeners in each city versus its popularity around the world.

Graphic data and author-songwriter credits: With the new charts comes new data; now artists can see chart entry dates, maximum positions, and sequences from the expanded view. Viewers can also see the songwriter and producer credits for each song by clicking “more”.

Promotional cards: Apparently, under the “bells and whistles” category, Spotify has created some brand new shareable promo cards to go with any chart position on the site that are available to artists or fans.

More information can be found through our Spotify for artists blog post HERE.


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