Squash mental health stigma with a popular genre of music


MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee social worker is shedding light on mental health awareness in a unique way.

Tarsha Wiggins is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder of Speak Wellness Behavioral Health Consulting.

She started a program called trap therapy. This approach uses urban music genres like hip-hop and trap beats to spark a meaningful and dynamic conversation about behavioral health issues.

Wiggins said this approach is aimed at helping people relax, feel comfortable and open up to conversations about mental health.

“It’s about normalizing these kinds of conversations,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins said trap therapy merges traditional psychoeducation with music, energy, inclusiveness and cultural relevance.

Jerrae Govani is part of all the fun that happens behind the scenes. She works with Wiggins and his brainstorming team to create plans for future group therapy sessions.

“With the pandemic hitting everywhere, trap therapy has been a light especially for the city of Milwaukee,” Govani said.

Wiggins wants to help end the stigma behind the topic of mental health, especially in communities of color. She said it’s important for people to prioritize all aspects of their health.

“When your tooth hurts to see the dentist,” Wiggins said. “So there should be no difference that when your mind or your emotions are hurting you, you should see a specialist.”

Wiggins said the consistent support from community leaders made trap therapy a success.

Its main goal is for people to live in a fun and relaxed environment, while also being a reminder of how important mental health is in the city of Milwaukee.

Wiggins hopes to hold another trap therapy session in May, which is usually open to the public.

Get more details and stay up to date with upcoming events on his website at https://www.speakwellnessbh.com/.


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