Star Citizen Developers Cancel Roadmap Features Due To High User Expectations


Facial palm: It’s been over ten years and $430 million, but to no one’s surprise, Star Citizen still isn’t ready for release. The space epic from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts was originally slated to arrive in 2015. That date and accompanying features have since continued to slip and keep the game in a perpetual alpha state. Now the team is blaming vocal proponents who question the delivery of CIG as the reason for reduced visibility in the development process.

Games like Mass Effect and No Man’s Sky open up the virtual universe to millions of players day after day. Star Citizen, the ambitious space sim from Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), took players on a different kind of journey. Unfortunately, this trip is down a seemingly endless rabbit hole of delays and shifting priorities. True to form, a recent blog post from the CIG team informed supporters that the roadmap used to track development progress would soon offer less overall visibility.

“We want to acknowledge that you didn’t all see it that way; many took our new direction and words to heart and understood exactly what we were trying to convey. But there is still a very vocal contingent of Roadmap observers who see the projections as promises And their continuous noise every time we change deliverables has become a distraction both internally at CIG and within our community, as well as for potential fans of Star Citizen who sidestep our open development communications – JakeAcappella-CIG

The roadmap provided a release view to give users a preview of upcoming changes while educating fans on the ins and outs of game development. Some supporters reviewing the roadmap have become understandably vocal as CIG’s priorities and deliverables continually shift.

Rather than clarify the roadmap, the team decided to stop providing information on any deliverables beyond the next planned patch. The decision was prompted by perceived “noise” by the community when feature versions were moved around, which the CIG team called a “distraction”. The community’s pushback comes as no surprise given the number of delayed or dropped development expectations from the project.

The fact that Roberts Space Industries (RSI) is providing less development progress will no doubt irritate more supporters. In recent years, the team has faced lawsuits over refunds as well as increasing scrutiny of CIG’s management of already astronomical funding goals and budget.


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