Street Fighter 6 aims to redefine the fighting genre in 2023

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Revealed in today’s State of Play, Street Fighter 6 hits the scene in 2023. Experience a whole new era of Street Fighter with sleek mechanics to express your creativity, dynamic characters, and new modes that will reimagine the experience of the fighting game. Street Fighter 6 is packed with content and more ways to play for everyone, whether you’re new to the fighting game community or have been part of it since Street Fighter was released in 1987.

Thirty-five years in the making, the Street Fighter series has welcomed fans from all walks of life with different gaming experiences. From Arcade Mode, Online Matches, Practice Mode, Local vs. Battles, and more (all found in the Battleground), we’re bringing modes found in previous titles – plus two all-new modes called World Tour and Battle Hub – to Street Fighter 6 to deliver an unbeatable gaming experience.

Classic Street Fighter designed for a modern era

After our trailer in February, we hinted at a more hyper-realistic look for Street Fighter 6. We’re proud to announce that this new entry in the series is being developed on Capcom’s own RE Engine – previously used to create Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village, and Devil May Cry 5. With the RE Engine, you’ll notice improved visuals in all aspects of the game. Beads of sweat will roll off the skin, muscles will tense when used and cherry blossom petals will flutter and twirl with a character’s movements. Pair this graphic upgrade with the explosive paint splatters and striking graffiti treatment, and you’ll end up with a distinct Street Fighter 6 art style.

Meet the first characters

And what is Street Fighter without its roster of iconic characters? Back in Street Fighter 6, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke have all been revamped for this new era. Joining them is a brand new face, Jamie, who will add his own twist to the game with his unpredictable move set – based on drunken boxing – which incorporates breakdancing and downing a ki-releasing drink.

Luke uses his background as a contractor for a private military company to teach mixed martial arts. He spends his days eating junk food, playing video games, and challenging his opponents to a good old fashioned fight. Nevertheless, he still has victory in his sights.

Select Shots:

  • DDT – A powerful throw activated after the first hit of a Flash Knuckle Overdrive (OD). Useful when you want guaranteed extra damage.
  • Fatal Shot – Launch an additional Shockwave after an OD Sand Blast to guarantee more damage after swapping projectiles.

Jamie is a peacekeeper from Chinatown who yearns to follow in the footsteps of Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons. An expert dancer, Jamie places justice and friendship above all else, defending his city with martial arts.

Select Shots:

  • The Demon Within – Jamie takes a sip of his ki-release drink to boost his drinking level. Higher levels unlock access to additional moves.
  • Luminous Dive Kick (Drink Level 1+) – Jumping forward, Jamie extends his leg and quickly falls to the ground. Useful as a surprise attack or as a means of closing distance.

Ryu continues to train in his endless quest to find his true strength. Well-bred and sincere, he travels the world in search of worthy adversaries. After defeating the Satsui no Hado, he now yearns for something greater.

Select Shots:

  • Hashogeki – Ryu concentrates the ki in his palms and releases it a short distance forward. Useful as a follow up after chain blocks and combos.
  • Charge Denjin – Ryu wraps his fists with the power of nothingness, enhancing special moves such as Hadoken and Hashogeki. Ryu is vulnerable when performing this move, so careful timing is key.

Chun-Li is a former ICPO (International Criminal Police Investigation) agent. She now cares for Li Fen, a victim of the Street Fighter V black moon incident. With Shadaloo now fallen, Chun-Li teaches kung fu lessons and has become a beloved member of the local community. .

Select Shots:

  • Tensho kicks – Chun-Li rises in the air with a flurry of kicks. Useful for countering an opponent’s jump attack or closing combos.
  • flow of serenity – Chun-Li transitions to a low, stationary fighting stance. In this stance, Chun-Li’s normal attack buttons change.

A combat system designed for creativity

Each new Street Fighter comes with mechanics that you can master to get to the top. Here is the Drive System, a gauge that you will have to manage wisely and which is full of creativity. You can use the Driving Gauge to perform five different techniques that can easily improve your offense or defense.

A Drive Impact is a powerful strike that can absorb an opponent’s incoming attack and can lead to a wall splat. Use Drive Parry to repel your opponent’s attack and fill your Drive gauge. Cancel a Drive Parry or normal attack in a Drive Rush to quickly close in on your opponent. Overdrive arts are similar to EX moves from previous games that power up your special moves. Use Drive Reversal to perform a counter attack to get out of tight spots. One gauge, five techniques, unlimited possibilities. Use your creativity to choose which technique to use and when. Everything is in your hands!

Presentation of the drive system

A modern type of control for everyone

For those worried that combat game entries are too complicated and just want to unleash your inner fighter, we have a solution in the form of a new control type option. First off, the classic control type is what veterans can expect to use for inputs with its six-button layout. New to Street Fighter 6 is the modern control type, which allows for easier inputs where a special move can be performed by combining the “Special Move” button with a directional input. This is perfect for new players or those who may have found the classic command entries a bit too difficult in the past. With the modern control type, your character will land some of their flashiest (and best) attacks with just a few button presses. The modern control type is optional, but we highly recommend new players give it a try!

Enter the real-time commentary function

Finally, we’re happy to announce a new feature that will add all the hype of a competitive match without being part of it. Enter the real-time commentary function. We’re working with well-known commentators from the FGC (Fight Game Community) and other recognizable faces to bring their voices directly into the game! Step into a match and as the fight goes on, their voices will narrate what’s happening on screen, just like a real tournament. Along with the added excitement, this feature will also provide easy-to-understand gameplay explanations. This will help anyone new to Street Fighter better understand the mechanics to use for future battles! The real-time commentary feature will also support subtitles in 13 languages ​​for added accessibility. The first Legendary Commentators to join this feature are Vicious and Aru! We will announce the rest of the range in the future.

Street Fighter 6 aims to redefine the fighting genre in 2023

A new world to enter

Let’s briefly talk about two of the new fundamental modes that you also saw in the last trailer: World Tour and Battle Hub. World Tour is an immersive single-player story mode that pushes the boundaries of what a fighting game is and lets you leave your own legacy in Street Fighter 6 with your player avatar. And while Battle Hub – briefly shown at the end of the trailer – appears to be just a place for online matches, it will also bring new and unique forms of engagements and communication. Both of these modes will require a deeper dive in the future and we look forward to discussing them in more detail.

That’s what we mean by “Your Moment.” Your fight. Whether it’s expanded new modes, custom options to enhance your experience, or the possibilities of the Drive System, Street Fighter 6 is the future of the fighting game genre. Coming in 2023 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4! (Psst, did you notice anything popping up on the Battle Hub screen at the end?)

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