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Pedestrians and tourists alike, take shelter because the streets are about to become even more reckless! Jump into the cabin and go for it to pick up the craziest customers and drop them off as fast as you can. With Taxi Chaos we want to bring a return to a classic and almost forgotten arcade racing genre from video game history on PlayStation 4.

Traffic rushes through the streets, pedestrians cross the sidewalks, and passengers of all kinds eagerly await to collect them. Welcome to New Yellow City, a city where everyone has too many places to go, but never enough time to get there. The team did everything in their power to create the perfect arcade town.

Much like the classics, Taxi Chaos gameplay centers around picking up passengers and transporting them to the destination of their choice. Navigate the crowded streets, avoid pedestrians, and walk through the park to find the fastest way to drop them off. To bring something new, we’ve also given players the ability to defy gravity and even jump over rooftops. The main challenge is to find the best shortcuts throughout the city, to go even faster and avoid time running out.

Design a new yellow city

Before the team got down to designing the city, we all asked ourselves, “What would be the best city to take as an inspiration for this spiritual successor?” It wasn’t long before the iconic taxi capital of New York City established itself as the clear winner. We always start by researching iconic key locations and city maps to decide what should be included. At the same time, we dive into similar titles for inspiration – in this case, classic taxi games.

We first wanted to divide the city into two parts: a main island and a smaller island connected by two bridges. The goal was to really get the player to think about which passengers they wanted to pick up based on their destination, as crossing the bridge could endanger your time limit. Then, the idea was born to extend the bridges into a giant highway that would enclose the whole city. It would be difficult to get in, but easy to get out. In the end, we ditched both ideas and focused on something new: a taxi that jumps.

1: The original plan for the level design, 2: The final plan of the city of New Yellow City

As we started to focus on the main island, some things became very important to us. First of all, we wanted to bring that New York feeling to the city, including iconic landmarks but giving them a little unique touch. Players will be able to visit Freedom Park, Aeonian Square, Memorial Park, and more (three guess what their inspiration was). Next, we wanted to make sure that the line of sight between them was clear, so that players could easily find them and learn the different routes through town.

The next step was to add back roads to give players the chance to take even more risks and find unique and insane shortcuts. When the foundation was laid, we started experimenting with the jumping mechanism, because what is crazier than climbing on buildings? We’ve added ramps, low buildings you can jump directly onto, and various rooftops you can walk through. Taxi driving will never be the same again. Curious about where the right shortcuts are? Keep an eye out for green scaffolding on buildings, there might be a crazy opportunity out there.

Passengers with a personality

Of course, driving and jumping isn’t all there is to New Yellow City. Just as it is an inspiration, it is filled with unique citizens, each with their own history. To bring the city to life, we decided to give them all a unique voice and dialogue. There are also various special passengers that you can pick up multiple times, so you can get to know them better each time you meet them. You can take a hipster, a plumber, a rockstar, and many more. Make sure you visit each rooftop, because you never know who you will meet.

We all hope you join us on the cab ride of a lifetime as Taxi Chaos rushes to PS4 tomorrow.


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