The CONTRACULT collective faces their vices in the video “Meek”



One of our favorite industrial outfits CONTRACULT Collective returns with a furious new single “Meek”.

The NSFW video accompanying the song, filmed, directed and edited by Steven Anthony, shows each member checking in in a hotel room where they are subjected to the torture of vices, such as gluttony, greed and alcohol. .

Watch the video below.

“Industrial music has always tried to push the boundaries of shock and horror, both lyrically and visually,” says Svart. “Contracult does the same, but with determination and humility. The song “Meek” is about the vulnerability of addiction and mental health with the lack of responsibility for one’s actions in this mental state. “

He continued, “Since there is nothing more gruesome than his own personal demons, the band and director Steven Roe wanted to present a narrative that visually displayed ours. You will see our friend and talented contortionist / dancer Brynn. Route force us to practice our vices of novelty and overconsumption of food and alcohol in a vacant motel room. While the content triggers, we hope it turns out to be as provocative as it is grotesque. You have been warned. … “

Watch the video below.

“Meek” follows on from previously released “Plunge” singles and Bad Brains’ cover of “Sacred Love”, all of which will appear on CONTRACULT Collective’s debut album slated for summer 2022.



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