The CONTRACULT collective releases a new single “Drown”


CONTRACULT Collective gave us another glimpse of their upcoming album The new torment with their latest “Drown” offering.

If you notice a bit more of a Nine Inch Nails feel with this song, it’s no coincidence. Singer Svart talks about the next album and wants to do something closer to The downward spiral:

“Although I was proud of the music we created before, I felt like the songs we wrote always came from this lens of these outdated songwriting formulas that we had to ‘learn’ rather than them. just be something that came out of us.”

“With The new torment, I think we were able to refine the sound more organically and not follow a rulebook that doesn’t even exist. With this record, we wanted more of a downward spiral. Each song has its own vibe and texture while sounding like they come from the same band.

“The record was written and produced during probably the most precarious time for me. I was diagnosed with bipolar when it was created. It’s work I’m still proud of, but it almost killed me.

Listen to “Drow” below.

CONTRACULT Collective will release their new album The new torment November 4. Pre-register it here.


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