The ins and outs of managing community entry requirements


Over the past few weeks, we have seen posts in our Safe & Sane groups regarding requirements to enter or re-enter its community.

This relates to regulations enacted at the community level which essentially prevent outsiders from entering and require some form of pass for residents. The problem is that it is quite difficult to determine how to deal with it.

What works for one community may not work for another. For example, Tuanjiehu has just unveiled an “electronic entrance card” mini-program for use in communities in his sub-district, and kuaidi and waimai also can’t enter the communities without a pass, which is a bit of a walk to get to the west gate of the community to get anything.

Other communities do things differently – from ID checks, to just Jiankangbao checks, to just having an honor system and letting in people who are known residents, whether they’re strangers or not.

Some of these setups work for foreigners, while others — like the Tuanjiehu Entry Card, which only allows Chinese ID card holders to check in — are a little trickier to circumvent. Even after asking the guards and contacting customer service, no direct response was provided.

So what if his community is actively enforcing these rules and it’s hard to get in and out? I got out of it a bit quietly in my case. When I told the guard at the front door my situation, he told me to just scan my jiankangbao and rush through. But what if there is another problem?

First, don’t panic.

Instead, it is better to determine who is responsible, i.e. to contact your neighborhood committee (居委会 juweihuilisten)) or property management (物业 wuye). They can be found either in an office within the community or through a WeChat community group. Contact them – or ask a Chinese friend to help – let them know your situation and see what can be done.

More often than not, there will always be some kind of work around. Most of the time you can also try to tell the guards your situation and they will let you through (like I did). If there are more issues, community management is a good contact to have, just in case.

If any other issues arise or if you just want to know what is really going on with Covid in Beijing, with all day-to-day up-to-date information, be sure to join our Safe & Sane groups on WeChat by adding TBJ Butler via the QR below and ask to be added to one of the groups.

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