This bespoke Ferrari 812 GTS features Loro Piana fabric on the interior


This bespoke Ferrari 812 GTS combines the best of Italian form, function and fashion.

The open-top elegance of the Ferrari 812 GTS is hard to beat, and when you add the bespoke customization that Ferrari offers to create a unique look for the car, you have a very fine machine in your hands, not to mention one that is fast and powerful. This 812 GTS pays homage to classic sports cars and Italian elegance, and its fine attention to detail makes it a complete convertible’s dream.

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The exterior is finished in Verde Scuro, a dark green metallic color that evokes classic sports cars, and this homage continues with a livery stripe to the front in Marrone Scuro metallic. However, it’s inside that things get really special. Cioccolato brown leather upholstery continues to echo classic cars, as well as herringbone fabric from none other than Loro Piana, an Italian fashion house and textile manufacturer famous for its excellent wool and cashmere. Together, the leather and herringbone fabric form a classic, timeless elegance that fits perfectly into a modern classic like the Ferrari 812 GTS.

Source: Instagram/Ferrari


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