Top-50 Rookie Cayla McMorris’ Blog Entry # 1: What I’m Looking For In College



By going to Illinois, I wanted to get a better idea of ​​the team, the coaches and the college.

Do they have a good journalism program? I wanted to make sure that if something happened and I couldn’t play basketball anymore, would that be a school I would like to attend? During the visit, I got a better idea of ​​what matters most.

The one thing I liked the most about visiting Illinois was their journalism program. I had the chance to meet one of their teachers and visit the UI7 studio which was really cool! Their journalism program is ranked 15th in the country, which I think is very important because I want to get the best education possible.

They are also very successful in providing their students with excellent internships over the summer. I found the players and coaches to be extremely nice. I was often with the team, we went to a football game, to the restaurant, to the cinema, and I stayed in a dormitory for one night.

Photo courtesy of Cayla McMorris.

Basically, I really got a feel for college life. It definitely gave me a better perspective on Illinois.

After the visit I learned a lot more about the academic side of the school and gave me a better idea of ​​what I’m looking for in college:

  • The technical staff: how much do they care about their players?
  • Does my personality match the culture of the team?
  • Ask players how much they honestly like college: their opinion on what they like most and what they don’t like most
  • Can I see myself being around these people every day for the next 4 years?
  • Is the campus safe?
  • How are the housing missions carried out?
  • How do students treat athletes on campus?
  • What does fan support for games look like?

As I progress through this process, these questions will be critical in making my decision.

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