Trader Joe’s New Marshmallow Flavor Features This Classic Candy Combo


With many Americans anticipating the Rams vs. Bengals game in Super Bowl LVI, Trader Joe’s is offering salted peanut butter and sweet chocolate one-on-one in a classic sweet treat combo. Reviews are coming in and consumers are having mixed reactions to the new Cocoa Peanut Butter Marshmallows.

Trader Joe’s List (@traderjoeslist) is an Instagram account that is not affiliated with the grocery store but tests new products for its followers. A recent post about the latest marshmallow flavor featured positive reactions from followers who said they intended to “eat the whole bag.” One Instagrammer said, “Pro tip. They belong in the fridge,” and another suggested popping them in a mug of hot chocolate for a treat on the other end of the temperature spectrum. Some followers aren’t thrilled, however, that the new marshmallows contain gluten and carrageenan. Another customer who loves the traditional peanut butter-chocolate combo had to flip the marshmallows because they “taste like burnt sesame oil.”

The Daily Waffle plans to bring out the Cocoa Peanut Butter Marshmallows for the big game and suggests pairing them with another classic treat: Danish Butter Cookies. Peanut butter and chocolate fans have a limited time to decide if Trader Joe’s new flavor matches the classic taste they love.


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