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There is a secret at Brevard that few people know. For more than 10 years, the daily local weather reports broadcast on WSQL radio have been read by someone who doesn’t even live in Transylvania County.

The weather forecast was read by Bart Shore, a longtime radio personality and television reporter on Chicago Helicopters.

At the end of 2021, however, Bart and his wife, Vickie, moved permanently from Windy Town to Brevard. Today, he continues to produce Chicago’s rush-hour traffic reports, as well as his syndicated radio shows around the world, from his home audio studio. Best of all, he continues to be the voice of Brevard’s daily weather reports.

How did you become an on-air talent here at Brevard?

We have visited Brevard several times a year for the past 20 years. I walked into WSQL one day to see if they wanted to play my show, Time Warp Radio. To my surprise, they were already running it. I have stayed in close contact with several people at the station since then.

Highlights of your radio career?

It was a dream come true when I got to be on WLS and say those call letters on air. WLS was the first Top 40 radio station in the Midwest that everyone listened to when I was growing up. It had a 50,000 watt AM signal that could be heard in 38 states and was home to the biggest DJs of the day.

Have you ever had any awkward moments on air?

I have known several people who have been fired for saying things they shouldn’t have said that got airplayed. I’m very careful around a hot mic.

What celebrity do people say you look like?

Dustin Hoffmann.

What do you prefer in life at Brevard?

The way of life is much easier than where we come from – and the weather!

What are you most proud of in your life?

That I have been able to work in radio in my chosen field since 1974, and I still do.

What is your most extravagant purchase?

I recently purchased a Fender Stratocaster (electric guitar).

Have you ever had contact with a celebrity?

Yes, a lot over the years of being on the radio. The one that comes to mind happened around 1977. I was supposed to present Cheap Trick on stage at a large concert hall in Iowa City, Iowa. I was standing on stage with the microphone in my hand, and the drummer, Bun E. Carlos, came up to me and said, “What are you doing? “I’ll introduce you to the band,” I said. “No, you’re not!” He grabbed the mic from my hand and nudged me to introduce the band himself.

Who was your favorite singer or band growing up?

The Beatles, who were an inspiration after seeing them on The Ed Sullivan Show

Where did you grow up?

Wilmette, Illinois – a North Shore suburb of Chicago

What was your first job?

As a teenager, I worked in a garden center to line up pumpkins, then Christmas trees. It was cold – and hard – work.

What are your favorite memories of your life:

Some of the best memories are from trips to new places. The first time you see a place you’ve heard of – like New York, the Golden Gate Bridge or Abbey Road Studios – is amazing. Another great memory is seeing Paul McCartney perform at Wrigley Field. And, of course, all the years I’ve been able to fly over Chicago in a helicopter have created some pretty special memories. I also got to ride with the Golden Knights and the Lima Lima Flight at the Chicago Air Show. These views are unique.

Favorite TV show when you were a kid?

The Andy Griffith Show

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?


Current favorite TV show?

NBC News with Lester Holt. When I was a reporter in the helicopter in Chicago for CBS and for NBC, Lester Holt was the anchor for CBS-2 in Chicago and threw me in the helicopter. Years later, his son Stefan became a local news anchor for NBC-5 in Chicago, and he threw me in the helicopter. I think I’m the only one with the distinction of being beaten by both Holts during the evening news.

Best vacation experience ever?

Oktoberfest in Munich.

What important goal do you have for the next three months?

Have our backup generator installed.

What items on your bucket list do you have left to do?

Go to Norway. Coming soon.

Favorite music?

Oldies and classic rock

What syndicated radio shows do you host nationally?

The Time Warp Radio show that features the top 40 alumni is a show. I worked with a guy named Mitch Allen who gave me a database with all the songs that ever made the Billboard Hot 100 from 1955 to 1976. Out of that came the Time Warp Radio show and the song Today’s Time Warp. Both are streamed on WSQL.

Now the show airs weekly on stations around the world, but you can also download the show from my website ( Over the past 13 years, Time Warp Radio has had nearly 2 million downloads, including countries I’ve never even heard of. I also host a show called Zecom Radio Hour, which has been picked up by stations across the country, including WSQL. This program plays classic rock, including all the songs from the albums we liked that weren’t big hits.

When can we hear your broadcasts locally?

On WSQL: Time Warp Radio – Saturday 1 p.m. (repeat Sunday 7 p.m.) & Zecom Hour – Sunday 8 p.m.

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