Two new Chrome features that will make holiday shopping a snap



If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping for this year yet, you might be in trouble. The worst supply chain problem seems to have been resolved, but with nine days to go to Christmas, shipping could be a problem. The good news is that Google is introducing a few new features in Chrome to take some of the stress out of shopping for your friends and family.

Chrome gets new features to make shopping easier

On Thursday, Chrome Shopping Product Manager Sam Birch, taken from google blog to cover five features that could help you finish your holiday shopping on time. Some of these features have been around for a while, but others are brand new or not yet seen.

Updated price drop in open tabs

The goal of holiday shopping is to keep your bank account balance from going to zero. And one of the best ways to do that is to take advantage of the deals that many retailers have throughout the season. However, finding these deals is not always easy. This is why Google is adding a new feature to the mobile version of Chrome that will show you the updated price of an item in the grid of open tabs so you don’t have to open and refresh the page to see if the item price has changed. Google says this feature is coming to Android this week and will be available on iOS in the coming weeks.

Use Google Lens in Chrome on the desktop

One of Google’s most valuable shopping tools is Lens. It’s been out for over four years, but now you can search your surroundings with Google Lens in Chrome on an Android device. Just tap the Lens icon in the address bar and start scanning items around you. Additionally, Google brings Lens to Chrome on the desktop. If you see an interesting item of clothing or cool furniture in a photo while browsing the internet, you can right-click on it and select “Search for images with Google Lens”. Then draw the product you want to learn more about. The objective will do the rest.

Other useful shopping tips for Chrome users

These new features should make the most popular browser on the planet even more useful in the coming weeks. Here are some other helpful tips from Google:

  • Open a new tab and scroll down to the “Your baskets” card to see any site where you have added items to a basket. Some will offer discounts on your return.
  • You can save all of your shopping site passwords in Chrome so you don’t have to manually sign in every time you want to buy something.
  • You can also register your address and payment information with Autofill.



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