Ukraine war recap: Ukrainian girl originally refused entry to UK now allowed with government U-turn


Security will now be given to a young girl who was initially refused a visa to the UK and has been returned to Ukraine.

In a major government U-turn, four-year-old Alika Zubets will be able to start her life over with her 58-year-old grandmother Tanya. Although her grandmother was allowed to enter Britain. The four-year-old was turned away from the UK.

Under the Homes for Ukraine program, Alika was classified as an unaccompanied minor because she was not with either of her parents.

Lord Harrington, Minister for Refugees, said: “We have seen the request to allow children to travel under the Homes for Ukraine scheme with parental consent.

“We’ve seen many apps where families want their children to travel safely to the UK, but parents can’t travel with them.”

More than 500 children, most of them teenagers, who fled the war without their parents have been stuck in limbo across Europe after applying for the Homes for Ukraine programme. They have yet to hear any updates from the UK Home Office.

The announcement could come as early as Wednesday, according to a Daily Telegraph report. It is believed that teenagers under the age of 18 would be allowed to come to Britain unaccompanied with written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

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