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A new book features 100 adventures people can experience across the province of Alberta.

Edmonton-based author Emil Tiedermann recently published The Ultimate Alberta List: 100 Adventures to Truly Experience Alberta.

The book features a handful of central Alberta bucket list items, including relaxing on the beaches of Sylvan Lake and pit-stopping in Gasoline Alley.

“There’s a lot more to central Alberta than I thought when I started,” Tiedermann said.

Some items on the to-do list are not specific to central Alberta, but can be completed in the region, such as mountain biking in rural Alberta, attending farm open days in the Alberta and attending a local powwow.

The idea for the book came about after Tiedermann tweeted a list of 50 places in Alberta.

“I asked people how many of these places they had visited. It was really popular and I made a blog post out of it, while developing it,” says Tiedermann.

“I noticed that I hadn’t been to many of these places myself, so I wanted to make a to-do list and thought I should document it. I thought other people would like to do it too, so I had the idea to write the book.

Tiedermann, a born and raised Albertan, says he’s thrilled to share his love of Alberta through this book, which can be purchased on Amazon.

“I think Alberta is so diverse and so beautiful. At the moment especially, he has bad press. I want to help change the image that people may have of Alberta and show that there is so much more here than they think,” he says, adding that it took him about three or four months to come up with a definitive to-do list for the province.

“There has been a lot of research online, in books and through YouTube videos. I also asked people on social media and read articles.

Tiedemann has also started a public Facebook group called Alberta Bucket List Adventures where people can share their experiences while venturing across the province.

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