Unique Opportunities: Five Entry-Level VA Jobs You May Not Know About



While you can immediately associate careers at VA with clinical roles and medical professions, there are a number of entry-level jobs that keep the wheels turning smoothly.

Let’s take a look at five unique positions that you may not have realized are available in our team.

Administrative assistant

You will find administrative assistants in almost every department in VA, working to help administrative management and professional staff with their clerical duties.

As an administrative assistant, you will have a good dose of responsibility in your daily work, because you will be an integral part of the good management of your department. Policies, budgets, tax management, personnel, logistics or even property management can all be yours in your day-to-day tasks.

Motor vehicle driver

Drive patient transport vehicles – including emergency vehicles, vans, buses and more – as a motor vehicle operator.

You will transport veterans to and from VA medical center facilities, private health care facilities, veterans homes or even railways, bus stations or airports. You may be called upon to drive cars, station wagons, vans, pickup trucks, and panel, stake, or open deck trucks.

In addition to driving, you will be responsible for maintaining your vehicles, both interior and exterior, keeping them in a state of cleanliness and service for your passengers. Inspecting your vehicles for wear and reporting problems to the appropriate department is also your responsibility.

Prosthetic representative

A prosthetic representative helps provide prosthetics and sensory support services to Veterans. They also work directly with Veterans and clinical teams to help Veterans request adapted automotive equipment, home renovations and structural modifications, as well as clothing allowances.

You can also make home visits with other health care providers to assess a veteran’s home for upgrades or equipment needed to improve the quality of life for patients. Record keeping is also a big part of the job, as you will be responsible for managing the documentation surrounding your efforts to assist Veterans.

Recreational therapist

Provide recreation therapy and diversionary activities to residents of VA community integration centers as recreation therapists.

You will need a general understanding of the recreational needs of a variety of patient populations to assess patient history, interests, and skills to establish better guidelines for individual projects.

You will also administer and interpret a wide variety of creative skill tests and interviews to assess the mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical abilities of patients. The ability to motivate others is essential, as you may need to encourage not only your patients but also those who help you care for these veterans.

Transport assistant

A transportation assistant reviews and clears travel and accommodation requests for veterans traveling from their homes to VA medical appointments.

As a Transportation Assistant, you may find yourself providing and coordinating transportation through VA resources or non-VA public carriers. You can also make accommodation reservations for Veterans and their families, making sure all necessary paperwork is completed to make their trip as smooth as possible.

Working at VA

Roles like these – whether administrative, technical, or supportive – may not immediately spring to mind when you think of VA, but these roles are important to VA and the veterans we serve. Explore these careers and more as the first step towards a career with VA.

REMARK: The positions listed in this article were open at the time of publication. All currently available positions are listed on USAJobs.gov.



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