Valkyrie Elysium is a new action RPG entry in the Valkyrie series


The classic series is back with an action-focused 3D entry

The Valkyries are back. Square Enix unveiled Valkyrie Elysee to today’s inventory, a new entry into the Valkyrie series. It has action, 3D graphics and even more Einherjar to join your ranks.

Starting in 1999 on the original PlayStation (2000 for North America), the Valkyrie series is basically about the end of the world. Inspired by Norse mythology, you play as a Valkyrie and embark on a task given to you by the Almighty Father. Along the way, you recruit Einherjar, warriors who will fight alongside the hero.

Thanks to truly amazing gameplay, excellent art, and a killer soundtrack, the original Valkyrie Profile has retained a fervent following over the years by RPG fans. The most recent entry was a prequel RPG for mobile, Valkyrie Anatomia: The Originin 2016 for Japan and worldwide in 2019.

Now, Valkyrie Elysee is here, as a new console and RPG entry in the series, with a heavier action influence on the series. Full 3D is an interesting choice, which I’d like to see more of before passing judgment.

The action in today’s gameplay trailer reminded me a lot of the Deny series, however. He has new ideas, but according to the square enix blog, Valkyrie Profile composer Motoi Sakuraba will be back to bring new music.

Valkyrie Elysee is due out this year, so we hope to hear more about this series launch soon. It’s currently coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC via Steam in 2022.


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