VMware: New Features in VMware Marketplace to Improve User Experience



The VMware Marketplace team continues to work on improving the experience for our publishers and customers. Each new product release adds a new layer of accessibility and simplicity oriented to enable our users to meet their specific needs. Read on to find out what’s new in VMware Marketplace!

Check ownership of your subscriptions

When customers want to deploy a solution to their VMware endpoints, they must “subscribe” to those solutions. Typical steps for subscribing to an image in the marketplace are to select the platform and version of the solution, follow certain steps to set up the deployment configuration, and sign the EULA agreement. After that, the user has subscribed to the image and can launch the solution on the platform of their choice.

With the new version, the marketplace now includes the “Subscribed by” column. This way, customers can check who within their organization has signed up for each solution. This is especially useful for large Marketplace organizations with multiple users, all accessing the service through the same organization.

The customer can check the active subscriptions by going to the Manage section in the upper right corner of the Marketplace page and selecting “Subscriptions”. In addition to the Subscribed By column, the Subscriptions section also includes other useful information such as product name, subscription ID, price (if applicable) and the status and end date of each subscription. .

Publish, review and update a solution at any time

When publishers enter the information required to publish a solution to the Marketplace Catalog, they may want to complete the process in different stages, or even update the information after the solution is published.

To cover the latter use case, we enabled the “Save as Draft” option to allow editors to go back to their solutions and update the information at any time. This option is now available for non-paid solutions, and will soon be activated for paid solutions as well.

Discover the latest content on the market

This month, we published an interesting blog post to let you learn more about the features of VMware Marketplace. Check them!

New Solutions Featured on VMware Marketplace

We are pleased to announce that the following solutions were added to the VMware Marketplace catalog in November 2021:

DKube by One Convergence Inc (purchase option now available): DKube is an MLOps product based on the best of Kubeflow and MLFlow. It is optimized for on-premise or cloud implementation.

PowerStore CSI Driver by Dell EMC: PowerStore CSI driver is a plug-in installed in Kubernetes to provide persistent storage using Dell storage system.

Domino data lab platform by Domino Data Lab: Domino is an enterprise MLOps platform for organizations that focus on predictive analytics. Domino’s data science platform accelerates research and increases collaboration by providing scientists with a workbench to conduct experiments, publish results, and deploy models.

Data Platform Metrics Exporter Helm Chart Bitnami Packaged: Bitnami Helm graphics reduce the complexity of deploying applications to a cluster by defining Kubernetes objects in manifest files.

NetZoom DCIM by Netzoom, Inc .: NetZoomDC Enterprise DCIM is a solution that implements the latest technology to meet the current and future demands of all data centers, including co-lo, government, manufacturing, financial, medical, education and more.

YEP – Yappes Business Platform by Yappes Technologies: YEP enables the digital transformation of companies using APIs and API first strategy. It includes a development engine, a development portal and an API gateway.



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