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After shocking the racing world by announcing on Twitter the Andretti family’s intention to join an F1 team in 2024, Mario Andretti hasn’t released much news since, and the team is yet to been officially accepted by the FIA. Commenting on FP2 on sky sportsthe racing legend opened up more about his family’s planned entry.

A famous name back in F1?

Andretti’s field teams in several top motorsport series including IndyCar, Formula E and V8 Supercars, all winning teams in their respective championships, so when Mario Andretti announced on Twitter that his son Michael was looking to enter in a Formula 1 team in 2024, he was greeted with positive wave and excitement. This came after the Alfa Romeo F1 team’s attempted takeover at the end of 2021 collapsed at the last minute, much to the dismay of the Andrettis.

However, since then little further news from the Andretti F1 team has emerged, with the FIA ​​yet to accept his entry. Still, the Andretti Group is doing everything in its power to enter F1 in 2024, Andretti said.

There is a process that we follow. We are [trying to be] ticking all the boxes. The goal is to be on the grid in 2024. We have a big huge team that can make it happen. Time is running out, but all the ingredients are in place, so we have to say do it,The racing legend spoke out while commenting on FP2.

“Teams certainly have a say in this, but again it’s going to be a huge investment that should be welcome in any long term business. That’s all we know, all we We have no outside interests. It’s the pinnacle of sport, the Olympics of sport and Michael wants to be a part of it and I’m proud of that.”

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