Welcome to Your Workplace: New Envoy Features Add a personalized app experience for hybrid employees


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Your favorite colleagues to facilitate planning and collaboration, upload profile photos and find the perfect office

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SAN FRANCISCO — According to the At Work Trends Report, workplace traffic has increased fourfold since lockdown lows in May 2020. Nearly half of office workers surveyed say they are happy to see co-workers in person and collaborate. But knowing who is coming and when can be a challenge.

Envoy’s latest workplace features add a personalized touch to hybrid scheduling, making the process easier. Employees can see the schedules of those they work with most often. Identify your “favorite” colleagues and receive a notification when they enter the office. Set a repeating schedule to reserve a preferred office days or weeks in advance. Or, find the right desk by filtering out amenities like dual monitors or ergonomic seats.

Jamf, a software company focused on empowering people by making work easier, has been using Envoy since 2019. Allison Mata, Manager of Workplace Services Operations at Jamf, understands the importance of schedule visibility with a hybrid workforce. “You need to be aware of who else is in the office when you are. Are the people you need to collaborate with on site? If so, where are they seated? Imagine the frustration of showing up the day your teammates decide to work from home.

To achieve this visibility, Jamf’s Workplace Services team adopted the Envoy Workplace Platform. “Instead of asking everyone to download a bunch of new apps, we went with a super-intuitive platform. With Envoy, our employees manage their schedules from a single app on their phone, which improves their experience again.

Throughout this pandemic, workers around the world have relied on Envoy Desks, Protect and Rooms. They can see who’s coming in and when, book offices and conference rooms on demand, and certify their health status before stepping foot in the office.

With new features in Envoy, employees and administrators can complete these common workplace tasks in fewer steps. And even better, employees can personalize their experience with personalized touches like:

  • Favorites – Prioritize teammates you work with often by marking them as “favorites” in the Envoy app. See when they’re inside and where they’re seated, invite them into the office, or get notified when they plan to drop by.
  • Photo profiles – Upload a profile photo so that your colleagues can easily find you on the workplace map.
  • Recurring schedules – Plan ahead and set a recurring schedule days or months in advance with fewer steps.
  • Office amenities – Find the right desk for you by filtering amenities such as ergonomic chairs, standing desks or dual monitors.

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New features for teams and workplace admins include:

  • Administrative reservation and quarters – Reserve offices on behalf of other people. Admins can now automatically seat or invite a group of people per function or per project team.
  • Vaccination proof for visitors – Check proof of vaccination and Covid test results for visitors. Anyone planning to come to the office can upload a photo of their vaccination card or test status through the Envoy mobile app. An administrator reviews and approves the card and authorizes the person to come on site. With Envoy Protect, workplace administrators can screen employees. They can also manage workplace capacity and perform contact tracing.

A work platform for hybrid work

Envoy’s work platform solves the problems of flexible workplaces. It streamlines day-to-day processes that can get in the way of great work and community development. The platform also brings together all the services Envoy has to offer in one place, managed through a single dashboard.

Using the mobile app, employees can coordinate schedules with their colleagues. They can book offices and meeting rooms and receive visitor and delivery notifications. Employees can also navigate the workspace, download vaccination and Covid test results, and more.

Learn about the latest Envoy features that improve the employee experience. Read our blog.

About the envoy

Envoy is transforming modern workplaces for hybrid working and bringing people together safely so they can connect, collaborate and thrive. Envoy’s work platform has redefined the way companies greet visitors, secure employees, book offices and conference rooms, and manage deliveries to 15,000 locations around the world by designing products for a flexible work experience. Companies like Slack, Pinterest, and Warby Parker rely on Envoy to create an unparalleled first impression and keep their offices secure and compliant.

For more information, visit envoy.com.

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