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Check What is Google Workspace? Features and importance of Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed and marketed by Google. It was first introduced as Google Apps for Your Domain in 2006 and renamed G Suite in 2016. Google Workspace consists of Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Meet, and Chat for communication; Flow for employee engagement; storage unit; and the Google Docs suite for content creation. An administration panel is provided for the administration of users and services.

Depending on the edition, Google Workspace may also include the Jamboard interactive whiteboard and an option to purchase add-ons such as voice phone service. Education Edition adds a Google Classroom learning platform and is now called Workspace for Education.

While most of these services are available individually and free of charge to consumers using their free Google Accounts, Google Workspace adds business features such as personalized domain email addresses, an option for unlimited disk space, tools and tools. additional administration and advanced settings, and a 24/7 phone. . and email support.

What does a Google Workspace subscription do for you?

I’ll get into the specific pricing options in more detail below, but here are the basics. You pay a graduated monthly subscription to use Google Workspace. Not surprisingly, you will get more features and better service the more you are willing to pay.

However, at a basic level, Google Workspace provides key Google apps such as:

  • Gmail for business
  • Google Meet for video conferencing
  • Calendar to set events and appointments.
  • Documents to create online content
  • Keep to take and save notes
  • Sheets for spreadsheets and organization.
  • Drive for Google cloud storage
  • Chat for quick team messages
  • Access to Google Workspace apps via Google Marketplace

Is Google Workspace Good For Small Businesses?

Google Workspace was designed primarily for small businesses. Large businesses and corporations often prefer more detailed services or in-house solutions that they can easily customize and monitor. Google Workspace, on the other hand, is optimized and pre-built for small businesses that don’t develop their own solutions (unless you’re using app scripts, of course).

That’s why Google will ask you for your business size the first time you sign in to Google Workspace. The first option is “Only you” and the second is “2-9” people. Don’t worry, you can add or remove users later. Get started with Google Workspace. Remember that your Google Workspace account is different from your personal Gmail or Google account. Managing files, email accounts, and passwords for both in the same browser can be a bit confusing because you need to sign into Google Workspace, not your personal Google account. You also can’t add your personal Gmail address to Google Workspace, which is probably a good thing.

What is the Google Workspace Marketplace?

Google Workspace Marketplace is a nice addition that Google Workspace can basically expand with additional services or functionality. Experienced developers have created these applications, which are available for sale or download on the Marketplace. If you don’t want to use app scripts or want to know if there is a specific solution, you can search the Marketplace for an app that will do the job.

This is a good plus in terms of usability for some niche projects or businesses with unique needs. The Marketplace also has the option of releasing your own apps if you’re especially proud of something you’ve created!

Which is better: Office 365 or Google Workspace?

Google Workspace’s main competitor is Office 365 (O365, as it’s commonly abbreviated), Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools. The two are similar, with apps for communication, collaboration, teamwork, email, security, and a management console.

Let’s take a look at some key differences between these productivity tools:

  • Learning curve: O365 is a larger and more complex platform than Google Workspace. Some of their tools don’t integrate as well as Google apps, and the collaboration features aren’t easy to use. Users should spend more time learning how everything fits into O365.
  • Application Integration: Google Workspace is primarily designed to be used on its own without much integration with external applications. O365, on the other hand, is compatible with hundreds of third-party business apps. Microsoft also regularly acquires companies and adds new brands to its service with applications eg. B. A prodigious list.
  • Complexity – Compare apps like Excel and Google Sheets and you will find that Microsoft apps tend to be a lot more complex. They can do more, but are more difficult to use right away.
  • Pricing: Microsoft Office 365 pricing starts at $ 5 per user per month. The standard version costs $ 12.50 per user per month and the premium version costs $ 20 per user per month. It’s a bit more expensive than Google Workspace.
  • Teams – I’ve used Microsoft Office a lot and the crown jewel is Teams, a productivity or collaboration tool like Slack. Google Workspace does not have a comparable tool.
  • Excel – Some SEO marketers have told me that Google Sheets is not as powerful as Excel for data analysis. But it can be down to personal preference.

Based on this, Google Workspace is generally a better option for startups or small businesses that do a lot of online work. I prefer G Suite to Microsoft Office because it’s faster and easier. I think Google Docs is faster to type than Word. I especially like being able to jump from section to section using the document outline feature. The only tools I miss in the Microsoft Office productivity suite are Teams and Excel.

Final words: What is Google Workspace? Features and importance of Google Workspace

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