Wine Blog features an interview with Jeff Gordon, NASCAR Driver and Wine Lover



Jeff Gordon, interviewed in the Joseph & Curtis wine blog

If you are going into the wine business you must be experienced and have a great team around you and I am fortunate to be able to have them both on and off the race track.

NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon recently sat down to talk about his passion for winemaking with the Joseph & Curtis team of New Jersey’s top wine cellar builders.

The result? Gordon shared his favorite wine pairings and selections (Opus and Harlan), and explained how winemaking, like racing, is teamwork.

“I think there are similarities to running with all companies and all walks of life. You have to enjoy it and be passionate about it to be successful. If you are going into the wine business, you have to be experienced and have a background. great team around you and I’m lucky to be able to have that both on and off the race track, ”Gordon explained in the interview, which appears in the blog of wine cellar designs here.

Curtis Dahl, co-founder of Joseph & Curtis Custom Wine Cellars, was excited to speak to another wine enthusiast for his wine blog. “Jeff was very friendly and enthusiastic about his wines. He’s a boy from California and he shared what he learned about winemaking,” said Dahl.

Other highlights from the blog, which focuses on custom wine cellar designs, understand:

  • A special limited sale of Jeff Gordon signed magnums for $ 250. For more details see the Joseph & Curtis Personalized wine cellars Blog.
  • How Gordon named two of his vintages after his children in the years they were born – the 2007 wines are dedicated to his daughter, Ella Sofia, and the 2010 wine to his son, Leo.

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To see the custom wine cellar design ideas gallery here, as well as ordering information for Gordon’s wine.

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