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New finish colors, a covered cushion and a brand new table inlay gave this vintage Gossip bench a more modern look.

A few months ago, I came across this find in a thrift store and knew I had to have it for an upcycling project.

Today’s DIY decorators have a myriad of options to suit their portfolios and tastes, thanks to recycling – partial or full makeovers for outdated or aging furniture like the Gossip Bench project featured in ‘Woodworking Adventures », The Woodcraft blog.

“Woodcraft wants to help customers with their furniture makeover projects,” said Vince Grlovich, vice president of sales and marketing. “We have a wide range of tools and products to help them, from General Finishes Milk Paint and the new pearl effects to the Fortiflex Heavy Duty Flex Shaft Tool and the Fein MultiMaster. The stores also offer carpentry classes on topics such as finishing techniques and the use of power and hand tools.

The perfect candidate for antique, vintage, or retro furniture for a makeover may already be living in your home, but if not, check out local real estate sales, flea markets, antique stores, and Habitat’s ReStore sites. for Humanity. Keep in mind that experts say furniture must be at least 100 years old to claim the antique title. Vintage pieces must be over 20 years old and a good representation of the era in which they were popular. Retro is something old-fashioned and old-fashioned but sometimes not very old.

Gossip Bench Makeover

“A few months ago I came across this find at a thrift store and knew I had to have it for a recycling project,” said Lori Haught, Woodcraft Marketing Manager. “This adorable seat and table combination is a relic from the days of the rotating dials known as a gossip bench, telephone bench or telephone table. Gossip benches have been around for a short time after the invention of the telephone, but they really became fashionable in the 1940s and 1950s when women were mostly housewives and husbands were away from home.

After minimal sanding, Lori applied Java Gel General Finishes stain, followed by new General Finishes Pearl Effects in Bronze Pearl around the bench, followed by a High Performance Satin topcoat. She covered the seat cushion and added a new feature – the inlay.

“For the inlay on the desk portion of my gossip bench, I chose a circular pattern inlay kit called Altairian from Digital Wood sold by Woodcraft,” Haught said. “This timeless design seemed perfect for the vintage look of the bench and complemented the cushion fabric I had selected. These wood marquetry works of art are unique creations by artist Christy Oates.

To add the inlay, Haught first had to place the small inlay pieces in matching open spaces in a circular frame to create the finished design. Next, she carefully traced a precisely measured hole in the bench top to accept the circular inlay. The last step was to glue the inlay in place.

“I have to admit, I wasn’t sure exactly how this overlay worked, but the instructions were pretty straightforward and they directed me to an how-to video that helped me visualize the process,” Haught said.

To learn more about the Gossip Bench makeover, click here http://blog.woodcraft.com/2015/06/gossip-bench-part-i/ to see the first segment of Lori’s three-part “Woodworking Adventures” blog.

Visit the recycling resource center at Woodcraft.com (http://www.woodcraft.com/media/upcycling.aspx) for more information on upcycling, including a tips and tricks section and a link to the Woodcraft Pinterest page which has lots of project ideas. To see more Woodcraft upcycling projects, visit “Woodworking Adventures” http://blog.woodcraft.com and type upcycling in the search box.

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