Word Search: Why Does the Unrealistic Fantasy Genre Attract Adults Who Know Better?


Why do so many adults enjoy watching fantastic movies and TV shows? With wands, wizards, superheroes, time travelers, kingdoms, and magical creatures, logically, it makes no sense why it should appeal to anyone over the age of 10.

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According to 2018 data from the online publishing industry analytics blog Author Earnings, sales of print and digital books in the fantasy and sci-fi genres have doubled since 2010. to best-selling books and blockbuster movies/TV shows, and you’ll notice that the top-grossing titles often feature fantastic stories – from Harry Potter and hunger games for The iron Throne and true blood.

Perhaps British author Terry Pratchett was right when he said, “‘Humans need fantasy to be human. Be the place where the fall [star] meet the rising monkey.

One of the reasons for the genre’s popularity could be the fact that it’s all about escapism in motion – the perfect gateway for our imaginations to take flight and our daily stresses to melt away. Where impending doom is not a looming deadline or project, but a more exciting alien invasion. A problem may not have an easy solution in a fantasy story, but there is likely to be a magical one – and it’s always more interesting to see how that unfolds.

Since fantasy and sci-fi are more popular in the West, it might even have to do with culture. The 19th century German sociologist Max Weber believed that due to modern science, an impersonal market economy and bureaucratic governments, Western society perceives the world as systematic and rational, leaving no room for wonder or to mystery. He wrote that people were inherently “disenchanted”, according to a June 2013 report published on the American news site The Atlantic.

This is where the fantastic worlds of fantasy and science fiction come in.

But even though the realms are often otherworldly and the creatures are as weird and grizzly as they come, at their core, the fantasy stories are about being human. Human emotions, challenges, defeats and victories, flaws and fears are all part of the story. This is why we are able to bond so well with a hairy-footed hobbit or an outcast queen who is the “mother of dragons.”

Whether it’s dragons or droids, the fantasy seems to be here to stay.

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